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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I leave a sheet mask on?

We recommend applying it for 10 to 15 minutes. Please be sure to remove it before the mask dries out, otherwise reverse osmosis can happen and moisture can be sucked back out of skin into the dry mask. 

Do I need to rinse after using your products?

No - there’s no need to rinse your face after removing the mask as you will be likely to wash away the valuable ingredients. We recommend gently massaging the excess essence until fully absorbed for a long-lasting benefits to the skin. 

How often can I use your products?  

For the best results, we recommend using our mask once or twice a week depends on the skin types. 

Can I use your products if I have sensitive skin?

Our products are tested to ensure safety and hypoallergenic and are suitable for all skin types. In normal use, it is unlikely to cause an adverse health effect. However, it does not mean it will not cause any allergic reaction or irritation in any person. For those with with known skin allergies or sensitive skin, please consult a doctor to choose Petite Amie Skincare products. 

Are your products tested on animals?

No, we don’t test products nor ingredients on animals. All Petite Amie Skincare products are clean and cruelty free! 

Do your products contain any nut oils?
No, we don’t use any nut oils in our current products. But we recommend consulting your doctor first if you have a nut allergy.